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How to Choose the Right Pet Stroller

By choosing the right pet stroller, the maximum benefit of a pet stroller experience can be achieved. Keep in mind, that pet strollers are not just for doggies, either! Many pet parents can enjoy a walk with their kitty, or their bunny or even their guinea pig! Just use common sense when deciding which pets are appropriate for a stroller ride, for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The two most popular designs seem to be the collapsible style, similar to many traditional baby strollers, as well as the style with a lift out basket, which also becomes a pet carrier. The collapsible models are better suited to traveling, people on the go, and used primarily for dogs. The lift out style is easier for pets other than dogs, but dogs do fine as well. The basket makes it easier to keep a sleeping pet comfortable while transporting him or her into your home or auto.

Your pet stroller must be safely able to handle the weight of your pet, as well as his or her size. Pets need to be able to sit, stand, lay down and turn around to be comfortable in the stroller. Keep in mind that proper comfort starts with proper capacity, so purchase a pet stroller that is large enough for everyone’s enjoyment!

Consider the terrain where you and your pet will be strolling. If the terrain is rough or you are likely to be off pavement, then purchase a pet stroller with larger wheels, which will roll easier under less than desirable road conditions. Regular size wheels are fine for paved walkways and sidewalks. For jogging, 3 wheel models seem to make it easier to keep the stroller steady and your pet happy!

Lastly, consider the little things that make your walks special. Do you need a cup holder for a bottle of water? How about a spot to keep a few pet treats? Is there a place to put your cell phone? If these little “bells and whistles” are important, make sure you choose a pet stroller with these options.

A sunny day, slight breeze in your face, and pet and pet parent together to enjoy it! A pet stroller is not just a device that rolls and holds your pet – it actually can be what memories are made from. Choosing the right pet stroller will turn out to be the first step toward a whole new way to enjoy the bond between you and your pet!