What Is A36 Steel?

There are all sorts of different types of steel available in today’s market. A36 steel is a very specific type. It comes with various benefits and features that you should know about. It might be the best material for your building project.

What is it?

A36 is sometimes identified as ASTM A36. It is a low carbon steel, which means that it has a very small amount of carbon in it. This type of steel is extremely common and used as structural steel plate. It’s also common for it to be galvanized as it will increase the resistance to corrosion.

Since it is a low carbon steel, it is relatively easy to find. Further, it’s popular because of how workable it is.

Top Features

There are a lot of impressive features of A36, which is why it’s used in so many different applications. It has superb formability, which means that it can be easily cut, machined, rolled, and worked in various other ways to suit individual projects.

Further, if it is galvanized, it is then more corrosion resistant. This would allow you to place the steel outside or around chemicals without fear that it would become damaged over time. It helps to increase the value of the steel and increase the number of applications it can be used in.

Other features might also be available based on other elements that can be added to the steel. One such example is more manganese, which can increase the tensile load.

How It is Used?

You can choose to use A36 steel in a variety of different ways. You will have to choose the thickness and corrosion level of the steel, which will impact just how effective it will be in certain applications.

Pipes and tubing are used with this alloy, which are then used in industrial and other settings.

Further, it can be used in buildings and construction, including warehouses, prefabricated buildings, and a variety of other structures.

Cabinets, housings, and other enclosures will also use this alloy because of how easy it is to manipulate in comparison to medium or heavy carbon steel.

By taking the time to learn more about A36 steel, you can decide how it will best serve your needs. You don’t want to choose an alloy that is easy to machine, such as A36, if you’re looking for stability, such as for bridges or skyscrapers. However, if you are looking for something versatile that can be cut and welded, it is the perfect steel for the job.

Once you know you want to work with A36, you need to take the time to find a supplier who can provide you with what you want. Ask questions, learn about pricing, and then place your order. Be sure you specify the measurements, the quantity that you need, and the turnaround that you require based on the job at hand.